Lauren at 2 1/2 yrs and Niki
at 6 weeks
Is to produce an English Labrador Retriever typical of great
looks, excellent quality, gentle temperament, healthy, and
loveable. Our Lab puppies are also dual purpose, excelling not
only in confirmation but in retrieving as well. We use a very
selective breeding program to aim for this goal, and all our
adult dogs have been OFA and CERF cleared before any
breeding is considered. Lab club affiliations include Lake Erie
Labrador Retriever Club. We are not an outside kennel
operation, our Labradors live in our home with us as a family.
Our Camolot Labrador Retriever puppies are available to pet,
show, and hunt homes.

Our labrador retriever puppies are all whelped and raised with
the utmost love and care. Our Camolot puppies are in loving
homes from coast to coast.

Please call for details as we do not sell our puppies by
email or the internet. Your first step is to call us at
330-627-7106. We strive to produce a top quality
Labrador with great confirmation, soundness, great
health and mild temperament while being an awesome
family member, hunting companion, along with
excelling in confirmation showing, obedience, therapy
dog, agility, rescue services and police dog.

Web Site By Tee, Updated 03/26/2017
Camolot Labradors
In Carrollton, Ohio we have over 20 years of experience
breeding and showing our Yellow and Black AKC English
Labrador Retrievers and do have labrador puppies for sale
from time to time. Please call for more info.
Through extensive consideration and serious thought and
knowledge base we strive for excellent quality for show, pet
and hunt homes with emphasis on temperament, soundness,
confirmation and great health and loveability in our puppies
we produce.
Lauren at 5 yrs old and Niki's puppies at 3 weeks. Lauren
has been a major puppy whelper/ helper here and our
other grandchildren also enjoy helping us and socializing
our babies and playing with our adult Lab family. Lauren is
now 19 and is still quite involved with our breeding and
showing program and has started her college education to
become a veterinarian.
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You may email your phone
number if you wish and we will
gladly call you back as we do not
sell puppies by email or you may
call us directly at 330-627-7106.
Before going home to
Indiana, Jersey loved
playing with our
granddaughter Madison.
Please call for details and pricing as we do not sell our
puppies over the internet by email. Please call 330-627-
7106 and if we do not answer please leave a message and
slowly give us your phone number to contact you.

Puppy update as of March 26,
2017: We have an all yellow litter
of labrador retriever puppies from
Cash and Cami that were born on
03/21/2017 and will be able to go to
their new puppy home in May. 4
females and 2 males. We are
taking deposits at this time for
these awesome puppies.
interested Please call for details
and pricing on our Camolot puppies
to Terry at 330-627-7106 or 330-

Tori x Cash puppies are due in May
2017. Please note that we only
give information via our website or
by a phone call to us. We do not
answer email inquiries but require
talking over the phone to
prospective new Camolot puppy
owners. Our phone number is 330-
627-7106. If we do not answer
please leave a message and we
will return your call.

Lauren here at 18 years old
and still helping whelp our
puppies!! Cami and babies.
At 2 1/2 years old Lauren was helping us with the birth and care of our puppies and our
adult labradors, now at 19 years old she still continues with a tremendous zest to help us
with our Labrador family . She is now attending pre veterinary college as her goal is to
become a veterinary!! Phill and I are so proud of her tremendous love of animals like we
have! Many times through the years I have said we should just go out to the kitchen or
living room and let our Labrador mommy do her thing--at that point so many times the
mommy crawls over Lauren's legs and looks at me like-- no way-- she is staying with me!!
Next thing we know our momma has produced a newborn puppy With Lauren still in there
of course! Our grandchildren have all been a major part of our Camolot Labrador endeavor
over the last 20 years.
Camolot's Dazzling Angel, produced
by us, now retired with family
members and now learning her son's
great duck retrieving skills. She was
born here from our Cash and Dazzle
litter in 2011.
Noah at 2 years and our beloved
foundation stud Zeus at 3 years. He
definitely put his mark on our goal as
breeders and his mild loving way and
build still live on here several
generations later.
NEW puppies are here!! Born
3/21/17 to Cami and Cash!!
We have a four year old yellow Labrador stud for
sale. Please call for details.

Phill and Terry Rutledge
529 12th St NW
Carrollton, Ohio 44615