Max after having fun
outside with his "kids".
A Very Proud Great-Grandpa our
beloved "Rocky" with Travis
Jacob and Precious
Jacob, Lauren and Duke (3months).
Madi and Her Mommy Loving and Hugging
Kate's Puppy
Zeus with our Kateland
Our beloved Zeus at 14
Zeus at 3 months playing in his water.
Travis and Lauren say
"Go Browns"!!!
Madi taking Samson for a ride on
the John Deere. He is Aphrodite's
and Zeus's puppy.
Two of our 6 "puppy socializers",
Lauren and Travis holding one of Maia
and Zeus's puppies. This puppy had just
been microchipped and was posing for a
picture to be sent to her new family.
Lauren with Niki's puppies at 3
weeks old, who are being well
Aphrodite playing with Noah while awaiting the birth of her
babies due in two days in this pic.

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