Current Litters:
Please check our front page where we
update current puppies that are available.
At this time we have black females, yellow
males and yellow females as of May 5,
2016. Please call us at 330-627-7106 to
reserve one today.

We are taking reservations now if you are
planning ahead to add a Camolot Labrador
puppy to your home this year. Getting on
our list now will ensure one is available for
you when you are wanting to add one to
your family.

Please note that once the puppies are born
and we have one reserved for you that
your deposit is then non-refundable.

Pictures of litter moms and their
pedigrees are on the girls' page.

Please call for details and pricing as
we do not sell puppies over the internet
by email.
Please note that we only give
information via our website or by a
phone call to us. We do not answer
email inquiries about our Labradors, our
breeding practices, puppy details or
pricing, etc.

To see the puppy pictures go to
the home page and click on the
links for each litter in the upper
left of the page.
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